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Friday, 25th March

At 7.30am this morning we started our demonstration in front of Bristol-Myers Squibb near the central station. With banners held up and placards showing tortured animals. We confronted the employees with the cruel reality of animal testing. On their way to work they had to listen to descriptions of the conditions inside HLS and were shouted at with slogans like:"Blood, blood, blood on your hands!" Many passers by showed their solidarity with our action and read the leaflets we were handing out.

In contrast to that, the BMS employees seemed to be pretty aware of their responsibility. As we had to position ourselves on the opposite side of the street and therefore could not talk to the employees directly, two activists also visited BMS again in the afternoon. They had posters and leaflets with them and accompanied the leaving employees while loudly blaming them for their work.

If you would like to get involved in protests in Munich, then please contact us.


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