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Monday, 28th March

We had our first protest against AstraZeneca, which is placed in Av. El Derby 055 torre 2, piso 5, who are an undisputed customer of HLS (Huntingdon Life Sciences, center of animal death and torture). We went to the outside of the companies complex where AstraZeneca’s business offices are, to start our demonstration spreading banners and placards, we were expelled from the pavement to the road median of the avenue.

It was the best for our action because it was easier to be seen by the people who work there. We were about 2 hours chanting, against the lab and also recalling the attention of all the drivers who showed their support to us when they asked what happened, until the police arrived to the place and asked us to stop shouting and remain quite, we did it until they left so we continued for a while after.

So we start protests in Lima, Perú, the activities against animal testing, specifically against AstraZeneca and all the customers of HLS that make this horrid practice of vivisection keep alive and take thousands of innocent lives.

Thanks to all the activists who despite the midday sun were present with their energy, we expect to be many more the next time and show people the unknown face of these killers.



If you would like to get involved in Peru, then please contact us.


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