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Tuesday, 29th March

In a break from routine, activists today decided to pay a surprise visit to Invesco, to coincide with their staff leaving work.

This provided the perfect opportunity to confront them and inform them about the sickening animal abuse their company is investing in.

Many leaflets were taken, whilst speeches were made revealing Invesco's shares in AstraZeneca, leaving the workers in no doubt as to the corrupt morals of their company.

While Invesco may try to silence us, but we will never stop publicly condemning them whilst they continue to profit from AstraZeneca's involvement with Huntingdon Life Sciences, where they fund the daily abuse and murder of hundreds of sentient beings, all for greed and corrupt monetary gain.

Whilst animals (both human and non-human) continue to suffer at the hands of HLS, SHAC will continue to put pressure on the companies that help to keep this sickening company operating it's vile business.

SHAC London



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