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Friday, 4th March

It was a lovely Friday afternoon in posh Century City, Los Angeles, the city’s well-known outdoor mall bustling with shoppers while the executives at Fortress Investment Group across the street counted down the hours to their weekends. And yet this was not to be any other Friday. This was the day that the forces of compassion in Los Angeles chose to kick off what is to be an unremitting campaign of justice against the local Fortress animal murderers.

On this sunny Friday, fifteen committed activists descended upon the MGM Tower at 10250 Constellation Blvd, which houses the Fortress office (#23), to let the killers know that no longer will Los Angeles stand by and watch them fund the horrors of HLS. Three megaphones were put to good use as we let the public and the other MGM Tower workers know about the animal abuse and fraudulent science being perpetrated by their neighbors. We spoke of the countless undercover investigations into HLS and its suppliers, of the countless companies that have ceased their business with HLS, and of Fortress’s refusal to do so.

The demo lasted two hours, with the police politely standing by, confirming our good faith in following all laws and local ordnances. Many passers-by, shoppers, pedestrians waiting at the nearby bus stop, and employees at other offices stopped to ask questions and take our leaflets. We made clear that we had no wish to break the tranquility of their Friday afternoons, but that simply put the only way that we will stop our demonstrations against Fortress is when they end their complicity in animal abuse.

Indeed, most importantly, we made this clear to Fortress – and were set to follow up with residential pickets the very next day. Fortress, we know you’ve been the subject a few Los Angeles protests in the past, but this is unlike anything you have seen before. Prepare yourselves – or, more wisely, save yourselves the headache and withdraw your loan to HLS now. We’ve certainly prepared ourselves, and it is an inevitability that we will win.

This is not going away, until you make it.

If you would like to get involved in campaigning in LA, then please contact us.


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