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Friday, 4th March

Activists paid a visit to the Birmingham branch of Axa again recently, the vile and cowardly company that has shares in AstraZeneca who are a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Both of these companies have been exposed multiple times; horrific animal cruelty and fraud are common in both, where products have been made that then go on to mutilate and kill humans as well.

Another noisy and visual demonstration against Axa today, and there will be plenty more to come until they ditch these horrific notorious companies.

We shamed Axa for their unethical ties and dealings, with more support from the public. Some people gathered to watch the protest, others came up to us to ask about the campaign and find out more information.

Members from other companies of the building could also be seen watching the protest through their windows.

We continue to urge Axa to quit pretending to be an ethical company, and start properly acting like one. They may have ties with the RSPCA but they also have ties with vivisection companies. Where is the ethics in a 6 month old beagle puppy being punched repeatedly in the face, a rabbit having toxic substances forced into the eyes and flesh, monkeys screaming as they are strapped to tables and dismembered whilst being laughed at in the face, before being murdered, a human being trusting and taking a medical drug only to find their health becomes drained and they end up affected by side effects or worst die as well? As long as Axa are involved with AstraZeneca and HLS, this is what they are contributing to, this is what they are part responsible for. This is the kind of information they try to keep a secret, the kind of information that makes them hot under the collar, the kind of information they don't want the people to know - but we will continue to expose them to the public until they change their ways.

SHAC Midlands


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