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Saturday, 5th March

On Saturday afternoon seventeen persistent activists kicked off Fortress' home demos in the quaint and secluded neighborhood of Ian Schnider, a Managing Director at Fortress Investment Group. This is not the first time Schnider has seen demos from Los Angeles activists, who are sick and tired of Fortress' delay to publicly divest. With the help of several megaphones, activists' loud and livid voices echoed down the private street, exposing the truth and breaking the silence. Five hundred innocent animals stain Schnider's hands with blood each and everyday his company continues to sit on the fence and the killing inside Huntingdon carries on. The demand is the following: show us proof that the scum bags at HLS will no longer receive loans from Fortress - or we continue our protests. Schnider, we never back down and we will keep up the pressure as long as your company props up such a despicable company like Huntingdon.

Following Schnider, activists moved onto the neighborhood of Jared Cohen, an analyst at Fortress Investment. We cordially welcomed and introduced Cohen to the global campaign against HLS with our loud, amplified presence, and showed him that animal activists mean business. Marching up and down the street with signs and megaphones, we made sure neighbors were aware of Cohen's direct connection with puppy killers and animal abusers. Surrounding neighbors were in support of activists and encouraged everyone to come back. And we will be back, Cohen.

Activists then traveled to Fortress Managing Director Joshua Pack's home to find that he had recently moved in January. However, that will not stop us from protesting his new address. Mr. Pack, as a Fortress employee, you are culpable for the hundreds of deaths inside HLS everyday and we will expose your connections to your new neighbors, sooner than later.

Its time to drop HLS now, Fortress. No more excuses. We won't stop until you publicly divest and all the animals are free!


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