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Tues 8th - Wed 9th March

DC activists took to the streets three times within 24 hrs to protest Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) at the Society of Toxicology's 50th Anniversary Conference. A clear message was sent that if you deal with vivisection and HLS, you deal with us!

Day One at the Society of Toxicology

Demo 1 - 8th March. Animal rights protesters showed up outside and around the Washington Convention Center, protesting the direct presence of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) at the Society of Toxicology’s 50th Anniversary Conference.

This is the first time in at least five years HLS themselves has had the nerve to show up anywhere in the DC metropolitan area. Last time around, it was the "quality assurance board" a front for HLS, in Crystal City.

Before protesters could even reach the Washington Convention Center, one of the attendees assaulted a protester and was videotaped in the act. This goes to show that the violence these people perpetrate against animals on a daily basis is also extended to human beings as well.

Protesters made it clear they were there in support of the anti-HLS campaign, and urged conference attendees to ask HLS why they can't get a high street bank account, why they de-listed themselves from the NYSE, why are they over $100 million in debt? Protesters also made it abundantly clear that the rest of the animal abusing monsters inside the building (Charles River, Covance Bio-Reliance, et al), all of HLS’s woes can and will be their woes if they don’t get out of the murderous vivisection industry once and for all.

Video - Demo #1 (on Liveleak)

Demo 2 - 8th March. About five hours after the end of the first round of protests at the Society of Toxicology convention, protesters returned to target the 50th anniversary gala dinner, sponsored by Charles River Laboratories, which is one of the largest laboratory animal suppliers in the world.

While a Beatles cover band played inside and speakers tried to give talks, piercing siren sounds and loud chants from bullhorns outside resonated and surely penetrated. The odds are near-zero that it was anywhere near being in key or tune with that Beatles cover band!

As attendees began leaving, they had to run a gauntlet of protesters and had to face the reality of opposition to the animal torture their companies make profit from while going
to their hotels and getting in taxis.

Video - Demo #2 (on Liveleak)

Day two at the Society of Toxicology

On March 9th, the Society of Toxicology's 50th anniversary convention at the Washington Convention Center got their 3rd HLS protest in just 24 hours.

After two days of intense noise and protest, it is a safe bet that none of convention attendees will not soon forget the attention that HLS, Charles River Laboratories and Covance brought down upon them all. Those researchers whose work does NOT involve animals told protesters outside that a lot of debate was sparked inside the convention due to the protests, and hopefully they will also bother the obsolete, animal-torturing so-called scientists inside about the heat their "work" brought down on the entire convention.

Once again, an incredible number of security photographers, convention attendees, and other suspicious persons photographed the protests from outside and inside the Convention Center, hope you got our best side! We will not stop our protests until the animal torturers stop for good.

Video - Demo #3 (on Liveleak)

Wrap-Up Video of All Protests


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