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Friday, 13th May

Activists turned up outside of Axa located in Birmingham City Center again today to hold another protest against the company for their ties with AstraZeneca and Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Another loud, angry and visual demo ensued where we shamed the company for being involved with AZ and HLS; two large-scale vivisection companies exposed time and time again for horrific cruelty and scientific fraudulence. Mice, rats, rabbits, cats, dogs, monkeys and humans are amongst the thousands of lives companies like AZ and HLS are responsible for taking each year through horrific experiments and dangerous products.

Axa like to boast about how they are an "ethical" company and have dealings with the RSPCA, but what they never mention is how they also support the notorious, evil businesses - AstraZeneca and Huntingdon Life Sciences - and moreover they hate for their dirty secret being revealed to the public, exposing them as the hypocritical corporate liars that they really are. We always make a point to also mention this to the public.

As usual the public response was excellent, after hearing that Axa supports torture laboratories where animals have their skulls cut open and devices are lodged into their brains or pipes forced down their throats and poisonous chemicals are pumped into their stomachs and other toxic chemicals inserted into their eyes, skin and flesh they always react with shock and utter disgust and anger towards Axa, like they did today.

Lots of leaflets were handed out and some members of the public were so outraged at Axa they also joined in with the protest and shouted at Axa and many people gave us their support and told us to continue.

There is no justification for the despicable acts of torture and murder that are committed by AstraZeneca and Huntingdon Life Sciences and there is no excuse for you to be involved with them, Axa. Whilst animals are locked up inside barren cages awaiting their agonising and horrific fates we will not sit by and let this happen, we will do everything we can to put an end to it. Until you stop dealing with these disgusting companies we will be on your doorstep Axa!

SHAC Midlands



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