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Friday, 20th May

Our local group is growing in numbers and receiving more and more interest, because of this we are now hitting multiple SHAC targets in the Midlands regularly. Today, Axa and Industrial Cooling Systems in Birmingham and a Fedex office in Coventry were all protested against for their ties with HLS and the vivisection industry.

First off, we arrived at Axa to stage a short demonstration against them, before leaving the area thus fooling them into thinking they had gotten away with it for the day. We left with smirks from staff members whom clearly thought we had ended the protest there and then, however this would add to their surprise when we were to return later in the day...

We next headed to Industrial Cooling Systems, an old target of ours whom we haven't demonstrated against for a while because of larger targets requiring attention more. ICS have moved from their old address to a new address and they are now located at: Birmingham Science Park Aston, Faraday Wharf, Holt Street, Birmingham, B7 4BB. (Situated on the first floor of the building).

Upon arrival to the science park, we began our demonstration outside the building to quickly be approached by the landlords and other staff members who wanted to know all the details about why we were there. We told them about Industrial Cooling Systems and their contract in supplying equipment to Huntingdon Life Sciences, the world's largest and most exposed vivisection company whom every day torture and murder 500 animals in horrific experiments whilst thousands of others locked up inside small, barren cages await their fate. After further discussions about ICS, HLS and our protests, the surprised members of staff were clearly unhappy to hear about ICS's blood money ties and how they are attracting attention from animal rights activists to the site, they then headed back in the building as security members locked up the main entrance as the protest continued.

We carried on our demo, shaming ICS for continuing to deal with Huntingdon Life Sciences, who have been exposed several times in the past decade for extreme animal cruelty and scientific fraudulence. We urged them to end their contract with HLS and exposed them to all their neighbouring companies, not only the others whom work inside the building but who work in other buildings around the site. Workers from other companies talked to us about the protest and were also disgusted to find out about who ICS are dealing with, took leaflets and gave us their support.

ICS's response however was to close their blinds, it is nice to know they are happy as ever to see us ;) as the landlords and other members of staff from the building whom approached us originally could be seen reading all about HLS and the campaign to close them down by browsing shac.net!

We then headed back and arrived at Axa who were even more angered than usual by being fooled and seeing the protest resume, as long as you are dealing with Astrazeneca and Huntingdon Life Sciences you will never get away with it Axa and we will continue in our efforts against you until you make the right choice to end your involvement with these vile companies, for the sake of ethics, real science and your own business!

It appeared we hadn't just angered Axa more than usual though, as when the police turned up one member of the force shouted to her colleagues "I CAN'T STAND THEM ANY MORE", before warning us "NOT TO GET ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HER", she was reminded of a clause in her job description, ie, 'being impartial' however she decided to continue being a total professional by warning us that we couldn't use the megaphone however after being questioned under what law we were told "HANG ON AND I'LL LOOK IT UP", before consulting her policing-for-dummies manual. Suddenly stuck for words, she watched her fellow colleagues approach us and deal with our protest correctly, ie, stating that there is nothing illegal about using a megaphone to legally protest and then leaving us to it! ... "WHAT DID YOU SAY THAT FOR?!"

More members of the public gathered throughout the protest to watch our demonstration and as usual were horrified to hear about Axa's dirty dealings. Some of them joined in with the protest whilst others spoke to us about the protest and took leaflets, giving us their support.

Finally, we made the trip over to coventry to protest against a branch of Fedex for their involvement with various vivisection companies including Huntingdon Life Sciences.

We began another loud and angry protest there as workers from inside the building looked out and watched the protest.

Activists then climbed up onto the roof of their reception doorway and continued to protest upon there, as members of the public came over to also watch the demonstration and speak to us about it all.

Further into the protest, we could see workers inside Fedex become as frustrated as ICS and also closed their blinds. Fedex, you cannot escape the truth that you are dealing in death and are involved with an industry that is responsible for taking the lives of thousands every year including mice, rats, rabbits, dogs, cats, monkeys, humans and others through horrific experiments and dangerous drugs. Vivisection companies like Huntingdon Life Sciences are responsible for this but if Axa, ICS, Fedex and any other companies are willing to deal with them then they too are all part responsible as well. Hundreds of companies have already pulled out of dealing with HLS and the vivisection industry because of the campaigns to end this vile industry and close these hell-holes down and we will continue to campaign against all targets including the laboratories themselves and all who deal with them until we succeed.

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