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Saturday, 21st May

It was a warm Spring afternoon in Leicestershire, a nice day for some sport. A paste table was ladened with sandwiches, snacks and the odd bottle of fizz to keep everyone in the mood.

Unfortunately everything wasn't as it seems and activists were in on their little secret. Members of management at HLS customer 3M were out for a nice game of cricket at the company's sports field on Leicester Road, Loughborough.

As with all good sports, they need spectators so we invited ourselves along. Just as the ball was being bowled shouts of "3M Puppy Killers - Drop HLS" echoed across the field and the game was paused. Unfortunately, they did not take the criticism lightly and exited the field in a fit of rage - downing bats and some even trying to jump over the fences!

It was certainly not a good days sport for these old chaps - Howzat!

Drop HLS!


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