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Tuesday, 24th May

Twenty activists from CAV France demonstrated for the first time in front of AXA's offices in Nanterre, just west of Paris to explain to the employees that the company was behaving unethically in persisting with its investments in AstraZeneca.

Between chants like “Dump HLS” or “AXA Murderers”, the activists explained to AXA that they should stop investing in AstraZeneca and start to look for ethical investments which don't support animal testing.

In front of a very busy esplanade, they handed out leaflets to inform the public about the lack of justification for animal experiments and AXA's ties with HLS, Europe's largest animal laboratory.

Then the demonstrators moved to AstraZeneca in Rueil Malmaison to brighten up the workers' day with their energy and persistence and to remind them that 500 animals were dying every day in HLS because of them.

“AstraZeneca Murderers” and “Justice for animals” were the slogans yelled tirelessly. AstraZeneca is a regular target and pressure won't stop until they stop their dirty business with HLS once and for all !!

CAV France


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