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Friday, 27th May

Campaigners took to the streets of London as part of a week of action against the customers of HLS.

Focusing on one of HLS' largest customers; AstraZeneca. Some activists had a quick demo outside of Axa, a large shareholder of AstraZeneca before moving on to meet up with others where activists headed back to the head office of this company . Last time they were there, activists had chained themselves together and taken over the lobby of AstraZeneca's building. This time however, they decided it was time to try something different - SHAC likes to keep HLS and it's supporters guessing!

Campaigners descended on the ampitheatre where the staff from surrounding offices (AZ's included) sit on their lunch break. Although it didn't take long for the security to raise the alarm, it was soon clear that they didn't know how to deal with another visit from protesters. The activists quickly moved into formation, standing in a line at the bottom of the steps holding placards depicting images of victims of the brutal vivisection industry, much to the shock of the workers in front of them.

With the activists standing in sombre silence, it was clear that the people watching them were disturbed by the reality of the cruelty which is happening inside places like Huntingdon Life Sciences. Many people could be seen reading the information on the posters and expressing how horrified they were by the fact that this extreme abuse and murder is still happening. Groups of people began discussing amongst themselves how appalled and upset they were by the absurd continuation of vivisection and some people approached the demonstration to ask for more information. After 20-30minutes the activists left, much to the relief of the security who had spent the duration getting increasingly frustrated and calling the police repeatedly, to no avail - maybe they had some crimes to deal with!

After seeing how successful this style of demo had been, activists decided to continue spreading the message of the horrors that are still being committed inside HLS and moved to Trafalgar Square. Once there they formed another line, with some protesters taking advantage of the added visibility of standing on some pillars - much to the disatisfaction of the Greater London Authority security, who were not best pleased when they realised they had no authority to move the demo and again, the police weren't interested.

Once again the public were very receptive to the information being shown to them and many people came over to ask for more information and discuss for information about the campaign. A lot of people were shocked to learn the truth and elicited how upset and angry they were that companies like Huntingdon think that this type of torture and murder can be justified for the sake of profits.

It's time that HLS and it's supporters realise that making blood money from the deaths of others is not acceptable and will continue to be challenged - until every cage is empty and every vivisector is unemployed!

Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4zu2B1W0Vw

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