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Friday, 27th May

First up we started our protest against Axa, who are located in a very busy part of Birmingham City Center. As usual we named and shamed them for their unethical dealings with Astrazeneca and Huntingdon Life Sciences (they have shares in AZ, who are a large customer of HLS). Soon into the protest we could see that staff from Axa were gathered and looking out of their windows in order to watch our demonstration along with other people from some of the other companies from inside the building.

Members of the public flocked together throughout the protest to also watch the protest, take leaflets and hear more about Axa's blood money ties and find out more about the campaign. They showed utter disgust in hearing that Axa are involved with vivisection companies and so are part responsible for the suffering and murder of thousands of lives every year through the horrific experiments and dangerous drugs by the vivisection industry. They gave us their support and told us to continue to highlight Axa for this and shame them until they get ethics and support proper science instead.

Next up we moved on to demonstrate against Industrial Cooling Systems, where we conducted another demonstration outside their building on the Aston Science Park site. Again they had to have their main entrance to the building which is also used by many other companies in the building locked up, as security guards monitored the protest closely from inside. Members of staff could also be seen watching the protest from inside their offices. We question why ICS and any company would want to be involved with the sham of a businesses like Huntingdon Life Sciences, they are unethical, unscientific and are also struggling as a business, HLS are over $120 million dollars in debt and they still don't even have a proper bank account, nor any insurance (expect for the UK government), with hundreds of companies ditching them.

Our final protest was at a FedEx office in Coventry, however this time a much larger office. When we arrived we found a stairway that lead right up the side of the tall building all the way to the very top, so we thought we would make use of it. Activists protested at the bottom whilst others headed for the top where the protest could then be continued from the ground and the heights.

Once upon the top, security guards decided to lock the doors and watch our protest with other members of staff from inside the building, both from FedEx and other companies. We shamed FedEx for being involved with the vivisection industry and for providing their services to companies like Huntingdon Life Sciences, Harlan, Primate Products and others and told them, just like we tell the other companies, that while they deal with them, then they'll have to deal with us! We made it clear that if any person or any company is involved with these despicable companies, who have been exposed time and time again then they can expect attention from animal rights activists.

As the protest continued, we had members of the public who live nearby also watching the protest and hearing all about FedEx's dodgy dealings and they responded by giving us their support and telling us to keep up the good work.

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