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Monday, 30th May

On Monday, while Americans across the USA celebrated their Memorial Day holiday, anti-vivisection activists held a different kind of Memorial Day commemoration. They traveled from New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware and other states to East Millstone, home of one of the world’s most notorious animal testing laboratories, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS).

50 activists gathered at HLS and gave witness to their ramshackle dilapidated buildings. Even their peeling signage gave evidence of their downtrodden condition.

Bullhorns shattered the silence of the quiet pastoral setting, as activists vented their anger and rage at the atrocities perpetrated by HLS. Individual speak outs reminded HLS of the brilliant history of the campaign to Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty. Activists recounted the many victories of the campaign including the hundreds of companies that have cut their ties to HLS because of activist pressure. 50 strong and passionate voices raised in unison, shouted “H-L-S SHUT-THEM-DOWN”.

In a somber moment, the crowd reflected on the fate of the thousands of hopeless, terrified animals imprisoned in HLS. A vow was made to never give up and never give in until the last animal is liberated from the hell hole known as Huntingdon Life Sciences.


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