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Friday, 6th May

Opening Night for Lamberto Andreotti's New Film "Cut Your Ties With HLS"

Independent activists in New York City paid a visit to Lamberto Andreotti's house this past Friday night to hold a silent candlelight vigil outside the abuser's home and to screen a new movie, starring Lamberto himself, on the side of his apartment building.

Lamberto Andreotti is the CEO of Bristol-Myers Squibb, one of Huntingdon Life Sciences' major customers. Huntingdon Life Sciences viciously kills 500 animals a day to test horribly worthless consumer products and without customers like Bristol-Myers Squibb, HLS would be forced closed.

Activists played the film exposing Andreotti's blood money links to Huntingdon Life Sciences, projecting the 50 foot high image so all his neighbors could see the invasive vivisection nightmare that Bristol-Myers funds. The activists did one showing of the 3 minute film on Andreotti's building, then played the film on a portable screen for roughly an hour while continuing the vigil/demo, then did one last showing back on the side of his building.

Lamberto Andreotti, your blood money ties to HLS must be stopped. Huntingdon Life Sciences is the most exposed CRO on the planet, punching beagle puppies, stomping primates, cutting open monkeys alive without anesthetic... The madness must end - CUT YOUR TIES TO HUNTINGDON LIFE SCIENCES!

This movie screening was held in solidarity with Tom, Sarah, Gregg, Natasha, Dan, JJ, Heather, Gavin, Kevin, Mel, and all other political prisoners serving time for the Earth and the animals.

Video: http://youtu.be/gJiCJx8_dlY



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