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Friday, 6th May

Local activists went to Starlabs at Unit 4, Tanners Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire MK14 5NA (01908 283800) who say they no longer supply HLS with medical equipment but if they did, it is not against the law. The Managing Director, was rude and angry which isn't generally how someone with nothing to hide would behave towards polite, peaceful campaigners?

We know that Starlabs have been supplying HLS very recently, so it seems very strange that they have suddenly stopped as soon as activists enquire about their business relationship with HLS? Starlabs have been making blood money off the backs of animal suffering at HLS and it will not be tolerated.

They refused to listen to our concerns of HLS' track record of animal cruelty, sloppy work practices and scientific fraud. Starlabs know exactly who they supply and what HLS do. So its time to really give up using HLS and send in a proper statement, you have been caught out and we will not except your lies.

Next stop, was WH Barley, also in Milton Keynes, who store medical equipment for Starlabs. They were much more responsive and did accept the leaflets about HLS. Starlabs obviously have something to hide and are embarrassed to have been caught out. Starlabs showed no interest in the plight of the animals, their equipment is used in lab work at HLS and we will continue to ask that Starlabs stop supplying HLS.

We will start protests soon outside of Starlabs and if anyone locally around Milton Keynes wants to get involved, please contact us.


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