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Saturday, 12th November

Activists started the day off right with demonstrations in Arthur Doi's neighborhood (Director of Finance Analysis) in Temple City. A lot of attention and curiosity has grown in Doi's small neighborhood since activists have continued to protest there. Your neighbors know your secret, Doi and the disgusting company you work for. Aptium Oncology's parent company, AstraZeneca, is responsible for 500 deaths of innocent animals every single day. The paycheck you receive is off the backs of animals and every share AZ holds in your company is soaked in blood.

Next activists visited Victoria Carrington, EVP of Aptium Oncology, for the second time in one week. Victoria, as an EVP you have the moral obligation to thousands of animals to pressure and influence your parent company, AstraZeneca, to cut their bloody ties with HLS. Activists will not let up until this is a reality.

In addition to protesting in Victoria's neighborhood, activists once again visited the Los Angeles Tennis Club in Hancock Park. As long as Carrington is a member at your sports club, you will remain a part of the global campaign against HLS. Such an association with your club is not healthy for business. Many compassionate neighbors are frustrated with Carrington's affiliations and her company's inaction which in turn looks shameful that she remains a member at your club.

Lastly, activists carried out a demo in Charles Carr's neighborhood, a Regional Training and Development Leader for AstraZeneca. A party at a nearby neighbor's home was commencing while the demo was happening. Over 20 party-goers were exposed to Charles' company's loathsome history and they all outright disagreed with animal testing. Activists were quite the talk of the town on Edinburgh Ave. considering 4 cop vehicles and about 7 cops came out to see us protest. What a useful way to spend taxpayer dollars!

AstraZeneca and all their subsidiaries, shareholders and employees will remain our focus until every cage is empty and HLS is shut down for good!

If you would like to get involved with demos and actions locally, please contact activists in LA on: seeyouinthestreets@riseup.net. Check out http://shutdownhls.wordpress.com for Los Angeles campaign updates.



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