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Wednesday, 16th November

Since our last impromptu meeting with Mark Henderson, MD for Henderson Biomedical last week. We decided that since Mark has shown his true colours as a profiteering animal abuser who helps to keep HLS's vivisection wheels turning all because he needs the money that protests against this 'proud' supplier to HLS will only continue and grow. Mark Henderson needs to understand that while he deals with HLS, he will have to deal with compassionate campaigners and protests.

We had a loud short protest outside their premises at: Henderson Biomedical Ltd, Worsley Bridge Road, Lower Sydenham, London, SE26 5AZ ( Tel: +44 (0)20 8663 4610). We had 3 PCSOs in attendance, but they were a bit shy or didn't know the law and caused no problem to our lawful protest.

We are making plans for the upcoming week of action, rest assured Henderson Biomedical is on the list!

Also, with three suppliers pulling out of any involvement with HLS in the past few weeks we will put more pressure on the remaining suppliers. We call upon everyone to get involved during the week of action and contact any or all of the suppliers that make HLS's job of murdering 500 animals a day easier, without their tactile essential support for this continued abuse. It must not be tolerated!

Remember every call, every email and every letter counts so what are you waiting for? Get active for the animals trapped inside HLS - they are counting on you. See: http://shac.net/2011supplierleak/index.html

Until all are free

SHAC London


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