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Wednesday, 23rd November

Dogs with severe head tremors and whole body shaking, others being brutally beaten and routinely abused, monkeys vomiting faeces and bleeding from the nose, rats with orange fur and tails, with brick red faeces and urine, animal technicians stopped by the police and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol on their way to work, animal technician sniffing Speed while working… This is HLS.

Today London activists targeted AstraZeneca’s main shareholders: Axa, BlackRock and Legal & General.

First visit was for AXA's UK HQ, at 5 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1AD (Tel: 020 7920 5900), a fraudulent insurer company claiming having an "ethical" policy, investing in vicious animal cruelty, fraud, incompetence and rule breaking at HLS, also being recently hit by criminal activity, while one or more individuals posing as representatives of legitimate investment managers were engaging in fraudulent attempts to offer discounted securities to investors. Shame on Axa.! (http://www.efinancialnews.com/story/2011-10-28/boiler-room-scam-hits-axa-rosenberg).

Second visit was for BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited at Drapers Gardens, 12 Throgmorton Avenue, London EC2N 2DL (Tel: 0800 44 55 22 and 020 7743 3000), the largest shareholder of AstraZeneca. We named and shamed them very loudly for about one hour for investing in the horrific pitiful lives of thousands of primates, beagles, rabbits, goats, pigs, mice, rats and many more. It seems they don’t like our legal and peaceful protests, and so security and employees keep filming, intimidating and insulting us. We don’t expect any courtesy from such nefarious company’s employees. We love the new BlackRock offices as it has a very good echo, perfect location for protests!

The last visit was for Legal & General Investment Management at 1 Coleman Street, London EC2R 5AA (Tel: 020 3124 3000 and 0800 027 7169), where we shamed them not only for investing in the world’s most exposed animal testing laboratory - HLS, but also for investing in the production of cluster bombs. It seems the security staff feels more anxious than ever as they have a permanent small smile on their faces. Smiling won’t get your mind more relaxed, you know you work for a disgraceful, immoral and shameful company that invest in the heartless, cruel vivisection industry as well as the production of cluster bombs, large weapons which are deployed from the air and from the ground and release dozens or hundreds of smaller submunitions, which are banned under international law. Legal & General employees, you should be ashamed for working for such morally bankrupt company. We had the support of many pedestrians and employees of the neighbouring companies.

Once again, for these protests are dedicated to the animals imprisoned and tortured at HLS.

Until they all are free!

SHAC London



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