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Thursday, 24th November

Today we had a small protest outside AstraZeneca's head office in Dublin (College Park House, Nassau Street, Dublin 2).

Brand new banner in hand, we let this vile company - as well as the whole street! - know exactly what we think of them and the cruel experiments they pay for.

As one of Huntingdon Life Sciences biggest customers, the blood of the 500 animals killed every day is firmly soaked into the hands of everyone connected with this company - from top directors to secretaries. Everyone is responsible for letting this torture continue.

Passers-by stopped to look, listen, ask questions and take leaflets.

Even people from other companies in the building stopped to take leaflets and were eager to let us know that they had nothing to do with AstraZeneca.

For every animal in HLS, we will continue keeping the pressure on until that hellhole is shut down!

NARA - www.naracampaigns.org




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