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Friday, 25th November

Activists decided to pay a visit to AstraZeneca in Montreal, where they have a research and development lab, as well as their office. Approximately 20 activists stood in front of their building, some activists lay down covered in blood, next to puddles of vomit, to give people an idea of what condition the animals being tortured by AstraZeneca are in.

Other activists used a megaphone to send a clear message to AstraZeneca that there is a worldwide campaign against them that will continue until they have the sense to cut all ties with Huntington Life Sciences.

Since it was quitting time for most of the animal torturers who work there, they had to drive past us to get out. Much to their dismay, activists were stationed at each exit to remind them of the abuse their company are party to.

The demonstration also resulted in a live 30 minute radio interview on one of Montreal's biggest radio stations.

AstraZeneca, we will continue to expose you and fight for the animals who's blood you are living off. If you want to get some rest, cut your ties with HLS!


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