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Wednesday, 30th November

On Sunday SHAC were made aware that Articulture Landscaping Limited (ALL) had started doing tree work inside HLS, after a flood of emails and calls from supporters to ALL during Sunday evening and Monday morning to their offices. ALL first stated that: "It was a one off job and they were pulling off site [HLS]" on Monday.

Today, after being in contact with ALL and asking for assurances about their dealings with HLS. We have now received a signed statement from them confirming that they will not have any more dealings with HLS, either directly, or indirectly.

We thank all the caring, campaigners who have contacted Articulture Landscaping Limited and voiced their concerns over their dealings with HLS. Articulture Landscaping Limited have now made the right choice to stop being involved with the most exposed lab in the world and we thank them for stopping dealing with HLS.

Angela Hale, one of ALL's directors have stated: "Articulture Landscaping Limited, have severed our links with HLS, and will not be dealing with them now or in the future either directly or indirectly".

Their statement can be seen, here.

Please get involved in next week's week of action against other suppliers of HLS - Thank you for your support, together we CAN make a difference! Until all are free!

Let's keep up the pressure!



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