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Friday, 4th November

Twelve of us (and one canine friend) demonstrated at HLS’s lab at Occold, Suffolk. We were there to remember people who have paid the ultimate price for the animals, but it has to be said our canine companion was more interested in all the fusses she was getting. Who can blame her though? When you think how much love our dog is shown compared to how much love the dogs (and all the animals) inside HLS receive, it breaks your heart.

Years ago a friend had a conversation with a HLS worker who was walking her dog. The worker was asked how she could have a pet dog and love it and take it for walks and then go off to work for HLS who do the most horrific experiments on dogs. The worker’s reply was “My dog is not bred for vivisection”. So it seems the dogs inside HLS are bred especially to have no feelings, no concept of fear and no means of feeling pain. It is comments like these that spur us on to do what is right and to try to put a stop to companies like HLS.

The reason for our demonstration on this particular day, was to remember Barry Horne who died 10 years ago on 5th November 2001. Barry paid the ultimate price for the animals and he will never be forgotten by us all. We also took the chance to think about Natasha and Gregg who also paid a very high price for helping animals. As some of you will know, Natasha and Gregg are now free and no longer a prison number. We send them all our love and wish them all the very best for their future.

Iswich Animal Rights: ipswichar@yahoo.co.uk



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