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Saturday, 5th November

To mark the tenth anniversary of Barry Horne’s death, about 150 activists from a number of different countries descended on Huntingdon to hold a remembrance march, followed by a protest outside Huntingdon Life Sciences itself.

Barry Horne was a committed and selfless activist for animal liberation who sacrificed his life to save others. On this day, all around the world hundreds of people dedicated actions and events as a mark of respect for this courageous individual.

In Huntingdon the day began with speeches about Barry’s inspiring life and discussion of the history of the SHAC campaign and about HLS. As the crowd listened, the true impact that this campaign has had upon the laboratory was highlighted, leaving nobody in doubt as to the failing business that it now is.

After the speeches the activists formed a visual procession and held a loud and passionate march through the sleepy streets of Huntingdon town centre, no doubt being watched by many of HLS’ workers. With chants of “close down HLS” it was made clear to all of them that their involvement in torture and murder will not be ignored.

With various placards and banners being displayed and many leaflets handed out, the local community was made fully aware of the hell hole that is hidden next door to their town and the horrors being committed inside it.

After the march, activists made their way to HLS itself, where a loud and angry protest was held by the main gates. Half way through the demo, silence fell upon the crowd as speeches were given again.

With the backdrop of razor wire and the grey sprawl of the expansive torture lab, the mood was sombre as thoughts focused on the 70,000 animals who were imprisoned in HLS's labs at that very moment. Turning their sadness to anger and determined to fight for the animals being abused inside HLS, activists then continued their loud protest, ensuring the lab could not ignore their presence.

After a number of hours, the demo eventually dispersed, the sight of HLS leaving everyone with a clear reminder of exactly what the campaign is fighting. Until that hell hole is closed down for good, SHAC and compassionate activists will continue to target them – until all are free.

Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv5lSpoSxf8
and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCALdgsgKa4

Barry’s sacrifice for the animals is as relevant today as it was ten years ago, as are the words he spoke – “If you don’t act then you condone. If you don’t fight then you don’t win. And if you don’t win then you are responsible for the death and suffering that will go on and on” - Barry Horne, 15/3/1952 – 5/11/2001.

Many thanks to those that donated at the protest outside HLS and thanks for all your continued support - Until all are free!

For more information on Barry Horne, see: www.barryhorne.org


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