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Sunday, 6th November

In honor of Barry Horne, activists gathered on Sunday afternoon to speak up for the animals who are murdered every day inside of HLS. Horne was a dedicated activist for the animals and we commemorate him by keeping the campaign against HLS alive in Los Angeles. It is companies like BlackRock and AstraZeneca who make it possible for HLS to continue functioning. This is the very reason why activists protested against a few of their employees. We will not back down until all ties are cut and HLS is no longer your business associate.

First stop was Arthur Doi's neighborhood, Director of Finance Analysis at Aptium Oncology (a subsidiary of AstraZeneca). Aptium Oncology has the moral obligation to the animals inside of HLS to pressure their parent company to cut all ties with Huntingdon. Hundreds of companies have chosen not to deal with HLS and its not hard to follow their compassionate lead. If Aptium Oncology and AstraZeneca no longer want the negative attention they are receiving in Los Angeles (as well as around the world), all they have to do is call off all animal tests, contracts and business dealings they have with the sadistic lab. Severe your ties and we will no longer be at your offices or in your neighborhood.

Activists visited Todd Pam's neighborhood next, a Director at BlackRock - the top shareholder of AstraZeneca. Not only did activists expose BlackRock's dirty secrets and their pharmaceutical love affair, but we sent a message to Pam's neighborhood that animal abuse is never tolerated. Activists talked to curious passer-bys and sympathetic neighbors about the atrocities that continue to happen on BlackRock's dime inside of HLS. Many of these compassionate and inquisitive people were and are usually the youth. Children do not want a world where animals are tortured. They see right through profit and BlackRock's company rhetoric. It is easy, BlackRock. Create a world that is better for future generations. Sell your equity shares in AstraZeneca and finalize the formal paperwork. Only then will activists let up.

Lastly, activists visited Scott Laudeman's neighborhood, another Director at BlackRock Inc. As soon as activists began protesting outside, Scott came out to mock and goad us having himself a good laugh. But not at our expense. It is the activists who always have the last laugh, because we are the passionate, motivated people who will not give up. For the animals who cannot speak their injustices, we will fight until they are free.


If you want to get involved with campaigning in LA, then please contact: Seeyouinthestreets@riseup.net


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