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Monday, 7th November

Some activists decided to start the week with some unexpected demos. HLS’ collaborators should know by now that while they continue to be complicit in the murder of 500 animals a day, the SHAC campaign will continue to think up new ways to make them face the consequences of their actions.

The day started with a visit to the recently exposed supplier Henderson Biomedical/MSE, who experienced their first taste of SHAC a couple of weeks ago. This time the staff were a little more chatty (thanks Anthony, you may want to go back to your old job of selling military aeroparts!) and confirmed the fact that they are a current supplier of HLS. With this in mind, activists staged another loud demonstration outside the building, to let the company know all about the flawed science and horrific animal cruelty they’re enabling at HLS.

After a while, Mark Henderson (owner and founder) arrived, but couldn't get into his carpark as it was blocked by a police car! Mark had supposedly just returned from a business trip to Cuba. Apparently they’re having to look further afield for their contracts with the UK in it’s current economic climate. Forgive us for not having any sympathy for a company who’s choosing to keep the most exposed animal testing lab in the entire world in business!

Activists spoke to Mark for sometime, but the bottom line is that he’d rather continue receiving his blood-money payouts from HLS, than do anything to stop them torturing to death hundreds of thousands of animals every year. Poor Mark looked quite upset at the idea of one of his family ‘pets’ being locked inside the lab, but for some reason it seems to be too far of a stretch for him to understand that the 70,000 animals who are locked inside there today are suffering just as much as his ‘pet’ would have.

It’s time to stop being a hypocrite Mark – if you wouldn’t want someone to imprison, attack, poison, cut open or murder your ‘own’ animal, why are you helping them to do it to these ones?

Eventually, he skulked into the building, seemingly surprised that his excuses (“I need the money!”) weren’t enough to make the activists forget about the animals losing their lives every day inside HLS. The demo continued for a while longer, before the activists finally left, leaving Henderson Biomedical with the message – stop profiting from animal abuse, or deal with SHAC!

(Oh and Mark, we’re sure you’ll be reading this report – hopefully you’ll be more pleased with this one than the previous one – so please visit these links to learn more about what’s happening inside HLS:


And why vivisection is bad science:


Of course, there’s plenty more information on what’s wrong with HLS and vivisection online, so try doing some research for yourself. Let’s hope this will silence most of your excuses for next time. See you soon and good luck with the exhibition in Dusseldorf Mark!)

Following this activists headed back into the City to surprise AstraZeneca top shareholder BlackRock with an unannounced demo – we like to keep them guessing! At Draper Gardens the (startled looking) staff and (intrigued) public alike were left in no doubt as to the sadistic practices this unethical company is investing in.

Until every cage is empty we will continue to fight for every animal imprisoned for the sake of the profits of greedy, morally bankrupt corporations.

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