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Tuesday, 8th November

Today, Carl Stuart Group's Managing Director, Michael Anderson contacted the campaign again, after earlier emails and letters regarding their business dealing with HLS. They were also visited by NARA activists in Dublin, who talked with Michael Anderson. Carl Stuart Group have now given SHAC a statement to say that they have terminated their business relationship with HLS and have closed their account with them. They have also confirmed via email that they will not deal with HLS, directly or indirectly in the future.

"All HLS contacts were removed from our mailing lists and we have no intention of trading directly or indirectly with HLS."

We thank Carl Stuart Group for making the right choice and thank everyone who contacted them to ask then not to deal with HLS.

Their statement can be seen, here.

Please continue to politely contact the other remaining 'new' suppliers listed at: http://shac.net/2011supplierleak/index.html and ask them to follow Softcat's, Billy Bowie's and Carl Stuart Group's recent example and dump HLS!

Together, we can make a difference! Until all are free!


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