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Tuesday, 8th November

As Air France/KLM continues to fly animals to their horrific deaths in vivisection labs across the world (including HLS) and while they continue to be out of step with most airlines and public opinion we'll be there to spread the message about their dealings with death and torture. So we decided to go to Air France/KLM's call centre in Wembley (Brent House, 347-359 High Rd, Wembley, HA9 6BZ - Tel: 0871 66 33 777) and although they hide on the 5-7 floors above the local council's offices we where still able to get our message across loud and clear. With much interest from the passing public and building users wanting to take leaflets to pass out to others about AF-KLM's unethical practices.

Maybe Brent Council need to make an ethical policy about Air France-KLM being in their building? For as long as AF-KLM continue to ship animals to their deaths in labs, we'll not stop our protests against them - on any day, at any time.

According to the BUAV, 8 in 10 monkeys die before they even reach the labs with long stressful flights and bad handling. We call upon AF-KLM to ditch their flights of misery of those animals destined for a brutal life of pain and suffering. Otherwise, we'll be back outside your offices very soon.

We then went to protest outside Invesco in the west end at Portman Square House, First Floor, 43-45 Portman Square, London, W1H 6LY as they are a major shareholder of AstraZeneca. We call on the other companies in Portman Square to put pressure on Invesco to clean up their act and pull out of investing in animal abuse and human suffering. Even if these companies don't care about horrific animal cruelty then surely they will be concerned about the 200,000 human deaths across Europe every year because of adverse drug reactions caused by unscientific animal research?

We will continue to visit this location as it has a lot of passing traffic and a good demo location. Invesco, you know what to do, get out of the vivisection industry and sell your shares in AstraZeneca!

SHAC London



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