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Wednesday, 9th November

Activists started off the day by going to AXA's UK HQ offices at 5 Old Broad Street where they got straight on with the business in hand - highlighting the abuse and cruelty - that AXA and other companies continue to invest in. AXA are one of the major equity shareholders of the discredited AstraZeneca, a customer of HLS and as always there were passing people who wanted to know more about what AXA, AstraZeneca and HLS do.

They later then moved to BlackRock's offices at Drapers Gardens, 12 Throgmorton Avenue, EC2N 2DL were the security decided to hound peaceful protestors by following them around with a video camera and recording device while they did speeches and chanting against BlackRock's unethical investment with AstraZeneca. BlackRock are the large equity shareholder with 160 million shares, so have a lot of influence over AZ as they are effectively a partial owner of AZ.

After the break they then went to Legal & General at 1 Coleman Street which is just off London Wall, and today there was also a student march and protest against their cuts to a fair education. There were a lot of police around, including riot officers but they gave as no problems as we had a right to be there and protest against Legal & General's investment in animal abuse at HLS with AstraZeneca. There was a lot of passing interest about these unethical companies we were protesting against, along at one point with journalists asking questions or filming.

We will not stop protesting against the main shareholders of this disgusting company, AstraZeneca who have their own bad track record of animal cruelty, suppression of test data and investigations by the European Commission and the US government. While AstraZeneca continue to use HLS, the most exposed lab in the world and continue to torture animals we will not give in.

Activists then travelled across London to the west end to Samedan Ltd, a company that has recently been highlighted as a supplier to HLS. Samedan are a pharmaceutical publishing company and produced newsletters and offer advertising packages, they have helped HLS in the past and continue to be in communication with them. Two activists went in to talk with them about their business dealings with HLS and employees listened to their concerns, they also said that they had received a lot of emails and calls from other concerned, compassionate people and they are were planning on making a statement soon. We'll keep you posted...

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