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Wednesday, 9th November

Activists arrived outside of the Bristol branch of AXA in order to hold a demonstration against the company who has a major amount of shares in AstraZeneca, who are a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences, the largest and most exposed vivisection laboratory in the world.

AXA claim to be a company with morals. boasting about having an "ethical" policy and how they have dealings with the RSPCA, however the truth is whilst AXA are investing in AstraZeneca, they are investing in cruelty and trying to make money from the suffering of countless lives every year.

Upon our arrival the security guards locked up the main entrance, such response would not be made to lawful protesters if a business had nothing to hide.

We named and shamed AXA for the exploitation in which they are involved with, and as they are situated inside a building with various other companies present as well as being in a busy area of Bristol City Centre this meant we were able to receive the attention of their business neighbours and lots of members of the public. We informed them about AXA's blood money ties to AZ and HLS, the kind of despicable cruelty which goes on inside those vivisection hell-holes every day of the week and also about AXA's ethics lie, to which people were shocked to hear that AXA would be willing to be involved with these disgusting companies in any way, shape or form. They gave us their support and told us to keep up the good work, lots of people took leaflets in order to read, workers entering the building told us they would speak to their fellow staff members also other members of public who were passing in their cars beeped in support too.

We continued on with the demonstration, reminding AXA of the many animal cruelty exposes conducted inside vivisection laboratories such as Huntingdon Life Sciences and the many cases which have lead on to medical disasters too.

We gave them the clear message that as long as they have blood on their hands by holding shares in AstraZeneca, a major HLS customer, they can expect SHAC on their doorstep.

Bristol Animal Rights Collective: barc@hotmail.co.uk




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