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Wednesday, 12th October

Today at 9 a.m. activists named and shamed David Smith of Astrazeneca, while he was giving a talk at the PHUSE (Pharmaceutical User Software Exchange) conference, which was held in the Clarence Room at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2FU, UK. (Tel: +44 1273 775432). Activists had no trouble in walking into his low attendance talk - maybe people don't want to hear what AstraZeneca has to say? And, each member of the audience was handed information and left with a message about Astrazeneca's unsustainable economic position on the flip chart and their dealings with HLS.

Activists let everyone there know about Astrazeneca's support for HLS; leaving them in no doubt about how David Smith's company are directly involved in supporting the deaths of 500 innocent animals everyday inside HLS; how HLS are notorious for their staff's abuse and torture, its fraudulent experiments, and the 7 exposes in the last 12 years.

Later, when activists were being escorted outside, they let everyone in the hotel lobby know about how disgusting it is, that places like the Hilton Metropole Hotel are letting these companies on their premises and hosting pHARMa conferences.

SHACtivists will continue their own style of networking and will continue to highlight HLS customers for their use of the most exposed lab in the world, for their cruelty, incompetence and scientific fraud.

We will not stop until you stop funding HLS, and HLS is shut!



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