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Wednesday, 12th October

Activists arrived outside of AXA to hold another demonstration against them because of their large blood-money shares in AstraZeneca, a major Huntingdon Life Sciences customer.

We named and shamed AXA and reminded them once again about the cruelty in which they are supporting by being involved with these disgusting companies, and continue to expose their lie of being a so-called "ethical" business when they are investing in torture and murder of billions of lives every year through horrific experiments and dangerous animal-tested drugs.

The public continue to be disgusted by AXA's shame and continue give us their support, in taking lots of leaflets and talking to us about the campaign. Lots of people are becoming aware about AXA's dealings in death and as time continues their reputation is becoming worse and worse.

We then headed over to Legal & General, who are also a major shareholder of AstraZeneca. Upon our arrival the security guards rushed to lock up almost all of the main doors and watch our every move, as members of staff from other companies took leaflets as they came in and out of the only, closely guarded, door they could.

We also named and shamed L&G and questioned where their sense is in dealing with a dying industry, especially companies like AZ and HLS. There are no ethics. There is no science. And no financial safety, just financial struggling. The vivisection industry will end, we'll make sure of it!

The public again showed us their support by giving us their words of encouragement and beeping their horns for the demo as they drove passed.

Next up we headed over to Industrial Cooling Systems, who supply HLS with equipment. Activists stormed the front of the site where security guards were... caught off-guard, and upon seeing us also rushed to lock up the doors.

ICS got the naming and shaming too, where we criticised them for their contract in supplying equipment to the sham of a company that is Huntingdon Life Sciences.

They have now added even more security to their back gates, locking them up with further chains and padlocks. Desperate! We will continue to protest no matter how much security you have ICS!

After that we took a trip back to Legal & General, and gave them a suprise demo in which they were not expecting us to show up again on the same day. They rushed to lock up again as L&G staff showed their frustration over our protests, moaning about us disrupting their work day! Aslong as they are ruining lives, we will continue to campaign in opposition against them.

We then headed back over to AXA, who'd thought they'd seen the last of us for the day - but were wrong as we gave them a suprise demo, another scene outside their offices met with frustrated staff and supportive public for the protesting.

Finally, after a short break, we turned up once again outside of AXA, where we gave them another protest for their unethical involvement with those despicable companies AZ and HLS. More protesting, more disruption to their day.

It really is clear, we will continue to demonstrate until AXA, L&G and ICS end their blood-money dealings!

SHAC Midlands



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