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Friday, 14th October

This Friday SHAC activists in London returned to the City for another day of demos against AstraZeneca’s shareholders.

The day started with a visit to BlackRock’s offices at 33 King William Street, London, EC4R 9AS where loud chanting alerted the staff to our arrival. With many tourists and commuters passing by, the message of BlackRock’s involvement with Huntingdon Life Sciences will continue to be spread. Unless BlackRock want to continue being publicly humiliated for their unethical support of Europe’s largest contract animal testing laboratory, they better hope that AstraZeneca cuts it’s ties with HLS sooner rather than later.

Following this we moved onto the Axa's UK HQ at 5 Old Broad Street, London, revealing the truth of the sickening torture and flawed science that Axa is investing in to their staff, customers and members of the public. Loud speeches and chanting echoed throughout their reception lobby for an hour, while activists described how workers in HLS have been caught on film punching beagle puppies in the face, cutting open monkeys while they’re still alive and conscious, failing to follow basic procedures and falsifying test data.

After this, we made a surprise visit to BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited new offices at Drapers Gardens, 12 Throgmorton Avenue, London, EC2N 2DL, (Tel: 0800 44 55 22 and 020 7743 3000) – did they really think they could move into a new building without us finding out? As it turns out, their new building happens to have great acoustics for making the sound of megaphones echo extra loudly around the surrounding area – excellent choice BlackRock!

As we descended upon the new site, flustered members of staff came to the exits to see what the commotion was and workers from the other nearby offices took to the streets to listen to our speeches and take leaflets about BlackRock’s support of AstraZeneca and HLS. With activists lining each entrance/exit to the building, BlackRock were left in no doubt that there’s no escape from SHAC while they continue to fund the murder of 500 animals a day inside the world’s most notorious animal testing laboratory.

To finish the day, we made our way to Legal & General's offices at 1 Coleman Street. Spreading out along the grass facing the high glass walls of the building, speeches and chants were made through megaphones, drawing their staff to the windows where they huddled in groups whilst reading the placards describing their connection with HLS.
After a while the demo moved to the main entrance of the building where anyone entering or leaving the building was informed about the disgusting abuse happening inside Huntingdon Life Sciences and the 70 thousand animals who are locked inside there waiting to die because of companies like Legal & General who have no morals, no conscience and see no problem with making money from the torture and death of hundreds of innocent individuals every day.

With the offices of AstraZeneca and their shareholders being demoed around the globe, along with activists storming any conferences AstraZeneca attends, it’s only a matter of time before the pressure becomes too much. Things are only going to get worse for AstraZeneca until they finally do the right thing and end their blood money contract with HLS.

Until all are free and HLS is shut down!

SHAC London



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