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Saturday, 15th October

Activists were pumped up and excited to visit new neighborhoods this weekend. BlackRock and AstraZeneca have thousands of employees but there are some more culpable than others.

Such influence is why Los Angeles activists chose to visit Scott Laudeman, a Director at BlackRock Incorporated. Laudeman's quiet Pasadena neighborhood was broken by the voices of protestors exposing Laudeman for his dealings in death and BlackRock's disgusting track record with AstraZeneca. Scott decided to greet activists with two-huge middle fingers out his window, which we all found hilarious. We were especially glad Scott was home to hear us and experience his official induction to the global campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences. As a Director of BlackRock you have influence to change the way your company invests. BlackRock owns shares therefore owns part of AstraZeneca making you complicit and directly responsible for the 500 deaths every single day inside HLS. You are part of the problem and have the chance to be the solution. We will be back, Scotty, that is until BlackRock cuts all ties with puppy killers.

Look out Hancock Park, here we come! Activists moved onto the Los Angeles Tennis Club in Hancock Park, where Victoria Carrington (EVP at Apitum Oncology, a subsidiary of AstraZeneca) is a member. Activists came out with megaphones and signs to welcome the L.A. Tennis Club to the campaign against HLS and their affiliates. Not only were activists supported by other members and workers inside the Tennis Club, but about one thousand people were participating and watching a tennis tournament during our protest. One thousand people were exposed to Carrington's dealings with animal abuse!

Since scum like Victoria Carrington is a member at your club, we find it completely and entirely acceptable to continue protesting your establishment. We are not against the L.A. Tennis Club. However, Carrington is bad for business and brings major baggage. Aptium Oncology's dealings with notorious animal abusers (Huntingdon Life Sciences and AstraZeneca) makes her a primary focus of the campaign and all she is associated with. As long as Carrington holds a membership at your club, we will be back to expose her for her bloody ties to HLS.

After a bit of protesting at her sport club, activists demoed Victoria Carrington's neighborhood as well. The animals inside HLS cannot wait. Make the right choice and cut all ties with HLS!

Lastly, activists visited their old friend Linda Arnette - a Director at BlackRock, Inc. Activists will not quit until your hands are clean and BlackRock sells all AstraZeneca shares.




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