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Saturday, 15th October

Activists from New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania gathered at Huntingdon Life Sciences headquarters in East Millstone, New Jersey. The event, which drew dozens of activists, was the kick-off of National Primate Liberation Week. What better place to commemorate the exploitation and abuse of primates in vivisection labs, than the most notorious one of all, Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Bullhorns blared and voices were raised in anger and rage at the atrocities committed behind the locked doors and razor wire fences of Huntingdon Life Sciences. All sympathy was reserved for the poor enslaved animals that live in the cold steel cages and kennels, in the dilapidated buildings that look worse with each subsequent visit. Relentless chanting interspersed with compelling speakouts - solemn, compositions of love and compassion for the animals and inarticulable FURY at those who terrorize and kill them.

Police presence was difficult to overlook. Heavy handed tactics and threats of arrest did nothing to discourage the resolve and determination of those gathered.

One activist put it this way: “They do not understand us, all we want is peace, peace for the animals and peace for the planet. And yet we are treated as terrorists and we never hurt a fly. The world is truly screwed up, as we are put behind cages to speak our First Amendment right, and the criminals who work for HLS are allowed to torture, maim, scald, burn, cut, punch and do insane things to the innocents inside. It's time for a change”.

Activists vowed to return soon and to keep on returning until that change comes and the killing of primates and all other innocent animals is halted at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Until all are free, smash HLS!


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