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Wednesday, 19th October

Activists paid yet another visit to a pharma conference to see the latest presentation from their old favourite AstraZeneca.

Whilst Terry Reed (Alliance Manager, Science and Technology Licensing) was taking part in a panel debate at the “Funding the future of drug development in the UK” conference being held at The Strand Palace Hotel in central London, a number of activists made their way into the conference area. After being directed to the correct room by the helpful conference reception staff, the activists surprised the attendees by going to the front of the room, displaying posters with images of the victims of vivisection and launching into speeches about AstraZeneca’s dirty history of being raided by the European Commission, falsifying test data and especially their bloody dealings with Huntingdon Life Sciences.

As the audience sat in horrified silence, learning how workers inside HLS have been caught on film punching dogs in the face, cutting open monkeys while they’re still alive and calling animals ‘dirty slags’, poor Terry turned red in the face with embarrassment. As activists continued to name and shame the disgusting company AstraZeneca, Terry shook his head before making a quick exit from the room – without a word of explanation to the onlooking attendees. Great management skills from AZ!

Eventually, some of the conference-goers followed Terry’s lead and retreated out into the foyer, only for the activists to split up and continue talking about AstraZeneca’s ties with HLS in both areas. You’ll have to try harder than that to get away from the reality of how these companies make their bloody money profits.

So, this is what happens when a company continues to prop up HLS even after repeated exposes of animal abuse and staff failings… Everywhere they go HLS’ supporters are exposed and shamed for their involvement in murder and scientific fraud.

There’s no hiding from the truth AstraZeneca – you can run (out of your conferences apparently), but you can’t hide (from SHAC).

Until next time!

SHAC London



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