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Wednesday, 26th October

For this week’s London SHAC demos, activists continued to keep up the pressure against AstraZeneca’s shareholders in the City, with a visit to the Axa HQ (5 Old Broad Street), followed by another visit to the new BlackRock offices (Draper’s Court).

At both locations campaigners surrounded the entrances, displaying posters exposing the companies’ blood money ties to AZ and HLS, whilst chanting loudly to ensure everyone inside the buildings were in no doubt that SHAC was back once again. With many members of the public taking leaflets detailing the reality of the sickening vivisection industry, AstraZeneca and it’s shareholders will continue to face the shame of public embarrassment for their involvement in propping up the world’s most exposed animal testing laboratory and stunting the progress of real science.

After ensuring that the City continues to be aware of it’s financial connections to those wielding the torture equipment inside the hell hole, HLS, campaigners headed to South London to visit the newly exposed supplier, Henderson Biomedical Ltd (Lower Sydenham, London). Henderson Biomedical is responsible for supplying and maintaining the centrifugal equipment inside HLS and are more than aware of the cruel practices they’re enabling.

Upon arriving at the office/workshop, two activists entered the reception area in the hopes of having a reasonable conversation with founder and owner, Mark Henderson. Unfortunately, Mr Henderson was apparently away on holiday (blood money goes a long way) and his second in command was less than conversational… As soon as the staff member (who refused to give his name) entered the lobby he opened the main door and told the activists to leave – pretty unprofessional considering that by this point neither of them had said anything other than “would it be possible to speak to Mark Henderson?”, for all any of the staff knew they could have been potential new customers!

With the persistence that the SHAC campaign is known for, the activists continued to attempt to engage in dialogue with Mr Didn’twanttogivehisname, making it clear that unless the company is willing to make the ethical decision to stop facilitating the torture at Huntingdon Life Sciences, the campaign will be left with no choice but to focus their attention upon them. After handing Joe Bloggs some campaign literature and suggesting that he encourage Mark Henderson to make contact, the activists left the building. Unfortunately for the staff (who assumed that would be the end of it for the day), the 2 activists simply rejoined the other campaigners and began a loud an unexpected protest outside, with much support from the nearby businesses who were disgusted to learn about Henderson Biomedical’s contract with HLS.

During this first visit activists were bemused to see that Henderson’s were in the process of having a security company install numerous cctv cameras and that they had obviously been the subject of some helpful scare-mongering from the police (Mr Bloggs mentioned repeatedly that the police had told them not to ‘engage’ with SHAC).

Of particular comical value were a number of signs that the company had placed around the perimeter of the building claiming that “you can expect a police response pretty much within a few minutes”… However, it can only be assumed that 1 minute of their time is the equivalent of 10 minutes of police time, as it took South London’s finest about half an hour to drag themselves to the site. The cops (also keen on amusing the protesters it seemed) then accused them of having climbed onto the roof using a ladder the security company had propped against the wall (even though the ladder was about 10ft high and the roof of the building at least twice that). Not wanting to disappoint the cops, activists mentioned that they might have thought they’d seen someone scaling the wall spider-man-style, to which the police dashed off in a panic, to attempt to catch the rogue stuntman.

Deciding that Henderson’s must have had enough excitement for one day, the campaigners made a quick exit, leaving a flurry of confusion and consternation in their wake. There’s one thing that Henderson Biomedical can be sure of though, unless they cut their ties with HLS, yesterday was just the start – SHAC will be seeing you again soon!

SHAC London


Above: No mention at all that Henderson Biomedical
supply and service lab equipment for the most exposed
lab in the world, we wonder why that is?
Maybe Henderson should just stick to what it
says on the notice then..?


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