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Monday, 31st October

It was a small demonstration this Monday morning at Black Rock in Draper's Gardens with only 1 attendee, but while this demonstration was going on, a mad vivisector (apparently called Frau Astra Zeneca) was attacking unsuspecting members of the public with a giant syringe right in front of a shocked and some bemused general public, while screaming that the science didn't work and that they were killing animals for no reason, but that she needed to keep making money anyway!

The vivisector followed the protester to the next two demonstration targets too (Legal & General on Colemena street and Axa on Old Broad Street), where she kept attacking members of the public. While this was happening the police didn't go to the aid of the bleeding, injured victims of vivisection, nor did they at any stage phone for medical assistance. They turned up to keep the peace, which meant that the suffering victims of wilful medical misconduct were told to get up off the floor or be arrested for obstruction of the highway. The wounded were left with a choice: hang around and get arrested or possibly killed by the mad vivisector, or run though the streets to escape them both. Incredibly, the vivisector, who had injured countless people that day, was not even questioned about any of the incidents, nor was her 2ft syringe taken from her. As always, the authorities protect the corporate interest and the abuser while threatening the victim with more violence and oppression.

Every day inside UK laboratories millions of animals are tortured and eventually killed for science that is never published, for chemicals and products that are already on the market and for "medical progress" that never has any positive results. For example, we have been curing laboratory mice of cancer for over 30 years, but where are our cures for human cancer? We have none, simply because mice get cancer for different reasons. Mice don't get cancer because of decades of eating an unhealthy diet. Additionally, prescription drug side effects are one of the biggest killers in the Western world, despite all the animal testing that these drugs go through to get onto the human market, and all the while pharmaceutical companies are among the richest and most profitable in the world. The industry is corrupt to the core and is responsible for the killing of millions of human animals and hundreds of millions of non-human animals every year, and yet nothing changes because they do not want to put their profits at risk and they are rich enough to buy the support of governments and their hired hands: the police. The anti-vivisection movement will not stop until the pseudoscientific, totally unjustifiable torture of non-human animals stops completely.

Until all are free

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo_Cx-PdgaI or

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