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Monday, 31st October

Activists took to the streets of Los Angeles on Halloween night in solidarity with Scary Science Day of Action. BlackRock and AstraZeneca finance and commit horrific crimes against the animals inside of HLS. For that very reason, we protested the directors of BlackRock and Aptium Onoclogy (a subsidiary of AstraZeneca). They have the influence to change their investments and associations with these murderers and stop the suffering of innocent animals.

First stop was Terry Nercessian's neighborhood - a director at BlackRock Inc. His neighborhood was happily trick-or-treating when the activists arrived with a small, scary tale of their own. They told Nercessian's neighbors of the tortured beagles, primates, mice and cats who spend their entire lives in a cage until they are murdered under the guise of "science". One evil character in this tale is a company by the name of BlackRock, who holds a rather large and unmistakeable investment in the company who hires out the hits - AstraZeneca. Animals are sentenced to their gruesome deaths by AstraZeneca, who rake in large sums of blood money on all the killer pharmaceuticals "tested safe on animals". Of course, thanks to Huntingdon and their upstanding data!

After a few minutes of our protest, Nercessian's wife popped her head out the door, puzzled about why activists were in her neighborhood. She was given a flier with all the details of why her husband's company, BlackRock, is a target in the global campaign against HLS. As the demonstrations continued and police arrived to assist protesters' with their first amendment rights (what would we do without them!), Nercessian, one of BlackRock's directors himself, came out to talk with activists. We told him to pressure his company to cut ties with AstraZeneca and HLS, and after his company has done so, contact SHAC.net. Protests will only cease when BlackRock is no longer financing murder, torture and scary science. Sell your shares in AZ!

We didn't stop telling the the scary truth after Terry's neighborhood. Activists moved onto the Director of Finance Analysis at Aptium Oncology, Arthur Doi. His neighborhood was supportive of the activists speaking up, yet Arthur was not in the mood to welcome the protestors as he did not come out to talk. As a subsidiary of AstraZeneca, Aptium Oncology benefits from the "scary science" carried out inside of HLS. Aptium Oncology's associations with AstraZeneca will only continue to bring protest and dissent for the 500 animals murdered inside HLS every single day. Arthur Doi and other Aptium employees should urge their parent company to drop HLS, or deal with activists in their neighborhoods or at their offices.

Another director of BlackRock, Todd Pam, was introduced to the global campaign against HLS on Halloween night. Todd's neighborhood was also told the same scary story of HLS and their evil conspirators. Activists stood, chanted and held signs of the tortured animals funded by BlackRock on Todd's street corner. Neighbors who passed by, driving or trick-or-treating, were in complete and total support of activists exposing the atrocities of vivisection. One neighbor even recognized the activists from demos in downtown LA at the BlackRock office and cheered for our presence.

Last but not least, activists visited their good friend, Scott "Lot-of-Man", another director at BlackRock. When we approached it seemed that BlackRock had hired private security for Laudeman along with the usual trusted sidekick, Cameraman. Regardless of their presence, activists continued to demonstrate against BlackRock and their director for dealings in fraudulent science and sadistic animal experimentation. Our scary science protest in Scotty's neighborhood finished the night of protest off, but we assured him - as we did all others - that protests will continue against those who have business with HLS or any of their shameful customers.




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