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Tuesday, 4th October

On Tuesday, animal activists continued to put the pressure on the BlackRock office in Downtown Los Angeles because of their ties with AstraZeneca and HLS.

The demonstration got started around 3pm when 10 activists marched up the front stairs of the California Plaza wielding signs and megaphones in their hands while chanting "HLS-Shut Them Down". The demonstrators marched around the office building and through the food court educating people about the horrific animal experiments that happen inside of HLS. They also spoke of how BlackRock has continued to support AstraZeneca and HLS even after learning about HLS' shoddy record. The majority of the people at the California Plaza were shocked and disgusted with BlackRock. Although, there was one man who was less than happy about the activists' presence and made that very clear when he went out of his way to block activists' path and then proceed to intentionally spill a bottle of water on one activist! What a joke!

After the about a hour and a half the activists decided to make one more pass through the California Plaza to remind BlackRock and animal abusing sympathizers that we will not go away and we will not back down until HLS is shut down for good.

Deal with HLS, deal with us!



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