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Wednesday, 5th October

Activists arrived to demonstrate against Industrial Cooling Systems (ICS) today, who supply equipment to the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences.

At their old site, they installed automated metal shutters because of the protests, and at their newer site, situated inside the Faraday Wharf building of Birmingham Science Park Aston, they installed barbed wire and spikes around the perimiter.

Today activists managed to gain access to the site, proving their expensive installments to be completly useless.

We shamed ICS for continuing to have a contract with HLS, and reminded them of the cruelty in which they are supporting. Windows were slammed shut and doors were locked by security guards, but members from various companies could be seen gazing out of their windows whilst some also voiced to us their support.

We then took the protest by the canal which faces their building, and carries noise very well across to ICS as we continued to voice our disgust against their involvement with HLS whom torture and murder 500 animals every single day.

No amount of security will stop activists from protesting against you ICS, the only way to end the protests against your firm is to end your contract with HLS!

Next up, we moved on to protest against Legal & General, located at Centre City House in Birmingham City Centre.

Upon arrival, security guards rushed to lock up doors as we shamed Legal & General because they are a major shareholder of AstraZeneca, a discredited pharma who are a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences.

We continued our protest, and in doing so handed leaflets to members of various companies also situated inside the building passing through the only door they could which was closely guarded by the security guards who were watching our every move.

We voiced the every day horrors of what goes on inside AstraZeneca and Huntingdon Life Sciences; the many times they have been exposed for horrific animal cruelty and their scientific fraudulence for dangerous products which leads on to humans being made ill and killed alike.

Members of the public also took leaflets, and were shocked and disgusted to hear about who and what L&G are involved with.

We will continue to demonstrate against L&G until they make the right choice and drop AstraZeneca, a major customer of HLS!

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