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Friday, 7th October

Today, just before lunchtime, peaceful activists calmly visited one of HLS's regular customers, Bristol-Myers Squibb at BMS House, Uxbridge Business Park, Sanderson Road, Uxbridge, UX8 1DH (Tel: 01895 523000).

With the help of the security guard who let activists in to use BMS toilets (LoL), we then split up and went in different directions. Some went up to the second floor where they chanted about BMS's dealings with the worse of the worse CRO in the world, namely HLS. While the first floor offices were visited, with loud chanting inside the open plan office heard by all employees. They were not left in any doubt why protestors were there, naming and shaming them for their involvement in the despicable vivisection industry.

The activists on the top floor were escorted down the lift and back outside, while chanting could still be heard on the first floor where BMS employees were being reminded that to deal with HLS means you have to deal with protestors too!

Once everyone was back outside, we thanked the security for a job well done and left. You can count on we will be back when you least expect us.

Dump HLS and stop supporting the vivisection industry! Enough, is enough!


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