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Tuesday, 13th September

SHAC Netherlands activists went out to confront several HLS customers around the Netherlands.

We started off at AstraZeneca in Zoetermeer. We made it to their entrance before they noticed so we managed to get inside their entrance hall. We were able to educate the workers present at the information desk about what their company funds, they started walking around with their mobile phones. We continued our demonstration, inside and outside, with megaphones and placards, showing them the animal cruelty they are responsible for. Inside the building they were also having a meeting which was interrupted. After 2 minutes the AZ workers decided it would be smart to turn off all lights! Do you really think you can hide that easily from us? It just shows the impact we are having on one of the main customers of HLS. We will be back AstraZeneca!

Next target was Pfizer in Capelle a/d Ijssel. We held a noisy demo in front of their office and entrance doors. We finished the demo before cops arrived we made it across their car park into our SHAC mobiles towards our next target Sanofi Aventis in Gouda.

Once at Sanofi, we made it into their main entrance and walked around their building. People in the area where showing they support by putting up their thumbs and asking specifically which company is responsible. Many workers were peering down from their windows to our protest. We made our message clear and promised them we will only stop our protests when Sanofi drop HLS.

Next target was Bristol Myers Squibb in Woerden, as usual we ran to their office, surrounded their entire office by activists with placards and megaphones to make sure our message would come across very clearly. It must have been a educational experience for the workers inside by having a loud protest with noise all around their building.

Last target of the day was Bayer in Mijdrecht. We suddenly appeared in front of their entrance with loud megaphones. The 2 workers present at the entrance hall went into the room next door, a second later one woman came back thinking it would be also smart to take all the paperwork away as well, expecting us to burst through their main doors! Well Bayer, if you would have left the doors open we definitely would have ran into your main hall and every single other room as well. The animals in HLS are living in fear every day of their lives, so remember this Bayer. We will remind you of their fear and suffering that you pay for inside HLS!

We will be back!

SHAC Netherlands



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