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Tuesday, 13th September

Over 20 activists protested BlackRock in Downtown Los Angeles Tuesday afternoon. Activists approached the front doors of the California Plaza with several megaphones and our powerful voices. It was reported to activists that employees from across the street on the 34th floor heard activists loud and clear! We expressed to BlackRock, as we have several times before, activists will leave their offices when they cut their ties with AstraZeneca and HLS. Until then, continue to be shamed for your lack of empathy and compassion.

Security guards were forceful with activists insisting that we had to leave the premises and stated that we did not have the right to express our grievances inside the Plaza. However, we all know our constitutional rights and the LA municipal codes. After merely minutes of heated debate with the head of security, activists were told to treat the property as a "public thorough-way" and that we could march through the Plaza - WIN!

Activists marched through the whole Plaza several times - upstairs and downstairs - monologuing about the 500 animals murdered inside HLS and all the egregious animal experiments exposed over the years. While corporate employees sat and ate their lunches, held meetings and took their 15 minute breaks, every single one of them were confronted with the pictures of the victims taken by BlackRock, AstraZeneca and HLS.

For every animal silenced and every activist repressed around the world, activists promise that demos will continue until BlackRock's hands are clean and HLS is shut down!




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