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Thursday, 15th September

We had a later than usual start today, as people had earlier been supporting the week of action against Air France/KLM for their continued collusion with the vivisection industry, as one of only a few European airlines that continue to transport animals to vivisection labs. With most recently Lufthansa, Germany's national air carrier confirming that it will no longer ship primates destined for research. Air France KLM will remain a focus of UK activists until they change their ways.

We met back up in the Westend and then went to Invesco Real Estate's offices at Portman Square House, First Floor, 43-45 Portman Square, London, W1H 6LY (+44 207 543 3500), as Invesco continue to be a major investor of AstraZeneca's animal abuse at HLS. Invesco have nearly 73 million share in AstraZeneca, making them the second largest equity shareholder which means that Invesco effectively party own AstraZeneca and have influence over them. We continue to call on Invesco to either dump their AZ shares or put pressure to pull out of dealing with HLS.

We had a lot of interest from the passing public as we were there outside their building at the end of the working day and urged Invesco's employees leaving to think what it would be like to see their companion animals at home who they know are intelligent, feeling individuals who can suffer and feel pain. These are exactly the same animals Invesco are making money from their incarceration, torture and untimely death inside HLS - 500 animals, each and every day of the year - for nothing more than profit.

Rest assured, we will continue to highlight customers, shareholders and suppliers of HLS until all cages are empty and HLS is closed once and for all.

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