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Friday, 16th September

Activist returned to the BlackRock office in Downtown Los Angeles Friday afternoon to continue to educate the public about their involvement with AstraZeneca and HLS. Because of activists efforts earlier in the week and their discussion with the head of security, activists were able to continue to use the property as a public through-way without intervention from security. 

Activist informed the many business people in the plaza eating lunch and trying to relax about the atrocities that are funded by AstraZeneca through BlackRock's investments and exposed them to images of animals that were experimented on and murdered inside of HLS. Many people were shocked to learn that BlackRock invests in a corporation that pays for the torture and mutilation of animals just like the companion animals at their homes. 

An office worked came down to tell the activists that he supports the cause, but is annoyed by the tactics and claimed they were ineffective because activists could be heard all the way through the building and the buildings across the street. Activists assured him that BlackRock is aware of the issues and aware of why they are there, and encouraged him to speak with BlackRock and demand that they cut their ties with AstraZeneca and HLS, because activist will not go away, and they will never back down until BlackRock cuts their ties and HLS is shut down! 



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