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Friday, 23rd September

On Friday a handful of activists gathered at the California Plaza in Downtown Los Angles to remind BlackRock to cut their ties with AstraZeneca and HLS. BlackRock is the top shareholder of AstraZeneca holding around 160 million equity shares of the company. This puts BlackRock in a perfect position to pressure AstraZeneca to drop Huntingdon Life Sciences.

The protest got started around 1pm as activists marched up to the front doors equipped with megaphones and signs with graphic images of the animals that suffer inside of HLS. Activists walked up and down the stairs and through the food courts educating the public about the horrific animal tests that happen inside of HLS. People were shocked to learn that Huntingdon Life Sciences experiments on innocent beagle puppies and cats, just like the companion animals that we have at home. Some people gave us thumbs up and cheered for us while others expressed their anger towards us for making so much noise. Either way, BlackRock, and the other tenants of the California Plaza are well aware of the atrocities that happen everyday inside of HLS and they know exactly what needs to happen for the protests to come to a end.

Cut your ties with HLS or deal with us.



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