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Monday, 26th September

Dedicated activists hit the streets to be the voice of the 70,000 animals that are imprisoned inside of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Their efforts were focused towards BlackRock at their office located in Downtown Los Angeles for their financial ties with AstraZeneca and HLS.

The demonstration got off to quick start when a individual who works inside of the California Plaza grabbed one activists sign and then pushed another activist while yelling at us. Of course the incompetent security guards blamed the activists for this interaction and called on the head of security to settle the situation.

After a few minutes everyone simmered down and carried on with the demonstration as usual. The activists walked up and down the stairs and through the food courts educating people about the 500 animals that die everyday inside of HLS. A handful of people approached the activists with questions about BlackRock and HLS. Once they found out how BlackRock funds fraudulent science the people were thankful that the activists were brave enough to speak up for the animals.

After about an hour and a half the activists decided to call it a day. As they left the California Center they reminded BlackRock that the only way to get activists to stop showing up at the office is to cut all of their ties with HLS for good. It does not matter how many angry employees assault us or how many security guards they hire to intimidate us, we will continue to stick up for the animals no matter how small or large our group is. Remember BlackRock, we never back down and we always win!




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