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Friday, 2nd September

Activists arrived back outside of AXA in Birmingham City Centre, to hold another protest against the company who has a large amount of shares in the discreditted AstraZeneca, a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Today was the last day of the agreed month in which they had said they were going to organise a meeting with us, however we were told that "the suggestion had been put forward, but as of yet no response has been made". With this, we then held another loud demonstration outside of their doors, as the sound boomed upwards the tall office building in which AXA are situated. If AXA wishes to hold a meeting with us, this is their choice, but until they stop dealing with companies that torture hundreds of defenseless animals every day for scientific fraud and blood money, they will continue to receive attention from determined campaigners.

The public were once again supportive, some of them are now familiar with our protests - so AXA's bad reputation of dealing with torture labs is becoming more and more known in the City Centre. Some of them came over, and didn't even need to ask us about the campaign - they just picked up the placards and joined in!

The police turned up, and told us we were "harassing" the company, however when activists argued they were protesting lawfully the police responded by saying "don't quote the law to us", a clear admittal that they do not follow the law! They threatened us with an anti-social behaviour dispersal, so after embarrassing them for their lack of law knowledge, we left with a trick up our sleeves for later...

Next up, we headed to ICS, and upon arrival we noticed some coaches outside of the building. As activists walked onto their site, a large seminar was being held in the Faraday Wharf building where ICS are located. We gave another loud protest, which totally disrupted the seminar and completely humiliated ICS who were shamed for their contract of supplying Huntingdon Life Sciences.

As shocked businessmen/women looked on, the security guards locked up the doors (looking ever more depressed). We continued our protest and made it clear to ICS that as long as they are dealing in murder, they can expect us on their doorstep.

We then went back and held a quick demonstration against AXA, where once again they were named and shamed loudly in public - after which we left for a while. The police turned up again but we had already left the area, so then they left and we returned once again and gave AXA yet another protest in which more members of the public picked up placards and joined in!

We stayed until the police then later arrived, where they were further proven of their lack of understanding on legislation about lawful protesting, as they resorted to their anti social behaviour dispersal which we knew they would and is completely irrelevant to demonstrations, however we were leaving at that time anyway!

Cut your ties!

SHAC Midlands



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