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Friday, 2nd September

Around 15 activists visited BlackRock at their office in Los Angeles to shame them for their ties with the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences. Before the demonstration got started police and security guards were already outside waiting for the protest to begin.

The demonstration started at noon and from that point on BlackRock and the other tenants in the California Plaza were subjected to a wall of noise bellowing out of several megaphones for a full two hours. The building security was very displeased with the noise but stood back and watched with LAPD as the activists carried on with the demonstration and educated hundreds of pedestrians about BlackRock's bloody ties with HLS.

People were shocked to find out that BlackRock supports such a horrendous company and were very happy that activists were speaking out for the 70,000 innocent animals imprisoned inside of HLS. After two hours the protesters called it a day and left while chanting " We'll be back and we always win!"

Until Every Cage is Empty and HLS is Closed for GOOD!



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